Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Specialty 2009 Canadian Toller Nationals Sweeps

Saturday night brought a 4th place for Derby in the 12-18 month puppy sweeps class, and the first rescue I required. Having completely forgot there was that Breeder’s Sweeps category, (who knew?)and that I had entered Billie, I was panicked because I had left Billie at the hotel!!! Thanks to Shelly and Carolyn Kurth for “kidnapping” Billie and bringing her to the sweeps for me. I am thrilled that Billie was pulled to lead the line of 4 in the cut. Congratulations to Tyson who took the Breeder’s Sweeps trophy. It truly is an honor to loose to Tyson. Hey committee, where’s the BOS for Breeder’s Sweeps? Need a sponsor?

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