Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 Canadian Toller National Specialty

Today, I am going to get started on my passport. Canadian Specialties have been such a great time, so well organize and since they repeatedly send me home with such wonderful trophies, I will have to stop missing any!Some were surprised to learn I get nervous before showing and I am the first to say I belong in the field, not the ring.

I have many people to thank for rescuing me from myself…

Friday started with the WC and I am thrilled that all three of the Taz x Billie pups: Dux-Cedar Fog Midnight Seduxtion, Daphne - Cedar Fog's Red Tornado and Isabella- Cedar Fog's Jazzmataz passed. They were joined by their proud parents Taz-Westerlea's Midnight Sun and Billie-Cedar Fog's Holiday.

Shelly continually impresses me with all she does with Daphne. She has trained Daphne for field by herself, …all by herself. Apparently her quiet spoken ways were not missed by our judge who was calling her squeaky? Then came water and Daphne made the mistake of dropping her bird to shake, at which point soft spoken Shelly commanded “YOU GO GET THAT DUCK!” Both judge and Daphne ran, Daphne for the duck and the judge for sanctuary.

I made it back in time, just in time for the water series. Did you know in Canada to buy The Beer you have to go to The Beer Store aye? Note to self: Make the beer run the night before the field test. Still, they were cold in time for the ribbon ceromony.

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